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Centre Management

Kuranda Real Estate

Centre management is conducted by Kuranda Real Estate.

Contact Centre Management with questions in regards to the centre or in case of emergencies. Kuranda Real Estate is available on workdays from 9 am - 5 pm.

Address:19 Coondoo Street, Kuranda, QLD, 4881
Phone: 0428 888 270

Shops and stalls

Shops can be leased on commercial lease terms.

Temporary stalls can be rented on a per day basis. Contact Centre Management for terms and conditions.

The following shops are available for commercial lease
Vacant shops; All measurements are aprox.
Shop 2 43 sq mts
Shop 3 43 sq mts
Shop 7&8 74 sq mts
Shop 9 37 sq mts
Shop 10 37 sq mts
Shop 11&12 74 sq mts
Shop 13 37 sq mts
Shop 17b 26 sq mts
Shop 18 53 sq mts
Shop 22 44 sq mts

Kuranda Real Estate

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